Monday, November 24, 2008

Pint Sized Date!

Its been forever since I have posted. I am learning I am not a good blogger, I tried xanga a couple years ago and never did it much when Logan was a baby and now I hardly do it on here! I have not been on the computer much but not sure why. I guess it's not the easiest place to be with a 3 yr old and 9month old destroying everything. Nap times are never at the same time so there ya go. I miss everyone!!
Anyone enough of my excuses, Gavin has had a runny nose the last few days so yesterday instead of a family day, it turned into Jason staying home with Gavin while I went to church with Logan. (I was serving in the nursery so had to stick with the ol committment.) After, I decided Logan and I haven't had much one on one time since the boob addicted baby has been around so we went out just the two of us: After church we went to Paradise Bakery at San Tan Mall and split tomato soup and a salad (he loves that) then we went to his fave place Barnes and Noble where they have a Thomas the Train table. he played and I just watched him and his little brain work, it was nice to watch him and play with no other distractions and see how big he is getting. Then we went to the play area and I watched him play for awhile, went to a couple stores, saw the dogs and then played AGAIN for awhile before heading home. I love dates with him and it had been awhile so we were very overdo. It is so neat to see how he has grown and is talking like he is an adult or something, when did that happen? Anyway I love him!

Other news: none, I have just been doing my super deep clean I do every year before Thanksgiving. I know my guests have no idea I just cleaned the fans but I like to have everything clean before I decorate for Christmas which always happens in our house AFTER thanksgiving. I have too many cute Fall things I dont like to pass up, and besides, people are coming over for Thanksgiving, not Christmas. (If any of you decorate beforehand, kudos to you, I am not preaching I am against it, and have even thought about doing that, but my house is cuter with Fall stuff and this is my rationale to be lazy :-)

Well if I dont get back on here in the next few days, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

Photo Tag!

Here is the 4th photo in my fourth file. It is Gavin's 7 month folder! You almost got pictures of curtain rods I was selling but luckily that was the 3rd pic!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

So last night we had so much fun. We went across the street to my neighbors for our tradition of having her yummy burrito things for dinner. I forget what its called but its yummy! We have the best neighbors ever and have become good friends and all our kids play so well. They are all older than my kids but now that Logan is able to play with them, they have so much fun and are very protective of him.
After dinner we rushed to finish putting on costumes and off we went! This is the first year Logan didnt cry and scream the whole time so it was a much more enjoyable holiday for everyone. My In laws came over to see the kids dressed up and my brother too. We had a great time! So the first pic is last year, haha. What a difference thank goodness. Gavin was tired so he passed out for most of trick or treating, I was just glad he didnt cry. (And he kept the hat on, something Logan wouldn't do when he wore that constume. Logan had fun riding in his chariot, and much fun was had by all!