Friday, December 11, 2009

Ok since Im back heres some cute pics

Gavin was trying so hard to pick up that pumpkin, it was quite funny and I was sad for him that he couldn't do it even though he was so determined. Cute hat but I didnt buy it cause he ripped it right off.
Halloween pics, our little Alligator and super hero had a successful year trick-or-treating :) Poor Logan look crazy weird in his pic, couldnt tell til I posted it. Oh and I posted our family pics on the next post so check it out. Tiffany you will be so proud of me :)

Family Pics

This year family pics didn't go as well as I had planned since we had to wake Gavin up from his nap to make it on time, he made us pay through the whole session by whining. :) Luckily, we have a great photographer so he managed to trick Gavin into some cute poses :)