Friday, December 11, 2009

Ok since Im back heres some cute pics

Gavin was trying so hard to pick up that pumpkin, it was quite funny and I was sad for him that he couldn't do it even though he was so determined. Cute hat but I didnt buy it cause he ripped it right off.
Halloween pics, our little Alligator and super hero had a successful year trick-or-treating :) Poor Logan look crazy weird in his pic, couldnt tell til I posted it. Oh and I posted our family pics on the next post so check it out. Tiffany you will be so proud of me :)

Family Pics

This year family pics didn't go as well as I had planned since we had to wake Gavin up from his nap to make it on time, he made us pay through the whole session by whining. :) Luckily, we have a great photographer so he managed to trick Gavin into some cute poses :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Single Parent :)

Well here I am, another year has gone by and it is once again time for Jason to go hunting! :) Seems like it is always that time for some reason, haha. I am honestly enjoying the solitude and being on my own schedule with the kids. If I didn't work last night I might be a little more peppy but overall I think I am doing pretty dang well. Especially since every year, whomever Jason hunts with, their wives call every 5 minutes and the guys end up going home early. Not me! Just another reason for Jason to appreciate me and my independence, lol.
Anyone want a play date? Gimme a hollar!
Can't wait to make up for his 1 1/2 weeks hunting with lots of scrapbook time!

Monday, August 31, 2009

San Francisco

Well! I know I am the worst blogger ever so I decided to give it another try! I just feel like my posts are boring since my life is boring, but I will try to appear cool for all of your reading purposes!

Jason and I do have something exciting to talk about, we went on a getaway to San Fran this past weekend! We hadn't gone anywhere just the two of us since before Gavin was born so I decided it was time! (especially since it took me 15 months to quit breastfeeding!!!!)

We had a great time and the kids didn't miss us a bit. My mother-in-law watched them at our house Wed and Thurs and then my parents took them Thurs night to their house. After my mom got off work on Fri they went camping and the boys had a blast!

Here are a few pics of our trip, there are more on facebook!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shoppin Fun

Today I met my parents for lunch at the Farmhouse Restaurant in Gilbert and seriously had the best omelet EVER (except for Jason's of course)! I honestly almost HATE eating out because I normally don't think eating out is very good but this omelet makes me want to go everyday!
After lunch(yes I had an omelet for lunch but it was 1130 and I never ate bfast...) my sweet amazing dad took the kids to my parents' house and my mom and I went shopping. This is very exciting for me because growing up my poor mom always struggled with her weight and was never into clothes. Well, I am here to say she has lost 110 lbs and looks AMAZING! Now, we can go shop and actually bought the same shirt today in two very close to each other sizes!

Hence my story: before my SIL wedding my mom who is very frugal treated herself to a 45 dollar top at Ann Taylor Loft. Well of course she decided to wait til she "reaches her goal" to lose 15 more lbs and so we went back today so she could return it. Well she returned it all right and the lady never told her it had gone down to $14.99! Soooo, I turned right around and bought it for her again (she was too chicken to go back to the register) and I bought the same one. It's so cure, If I wasnt being lazy I would download it and show you.

Anyway, I have not been blogging since the camera I thought was working actually really did break, and its no fun to blog w no pics, so I JUST bought another and when I figure out how to download them I will start posting pics of my poor pic deprived children! tee hee

I had an awesome day with my mom and am so thankful my dad is so great with my kiddies, Jason went fishing with his dad today so it was nice to break up the day since he is doing a stand in tomorrow and then he works Monday. Phhhtttt.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Odds and Ends

It has been busy for me planning my SIL's wedding shower, it was this last Sat and I think it was a huge hit! I threw her a Pampered Chef shower, (love the stuff best quality out there!) and she ended up getting everything on her list! Granted she has been on her own so she already had some stuff but I was excited for her. I would post pictures but at the time of the shower I thought my poor camera was broken...
Another story: A couple weeks ago I was going in to work for a Radiology meeting at the Hospital and I threw my FULL water bottle in my purse...well next thing I knew I had water pouring out of my canvas purse all over me. I went in the bathroom and had a huge puddle of water with my lovely camera right there in the middle. I will admit I don't take the best care of my camera but lo and behold it has been good to me because I tried it out tonight before I started researching them online to buy a new one (which I was not excited about spending money on) and it worked! YAY for me, so here are a few pics that were in there. I have some of Gavin I am trying to catch up with him not having as many as his big bro...The 2nd and third pic are of him watching Signing Time yay for that, he loves it and I can get stuff done. He was super sick last week with a fever of 104 that I couldn't get to break. After 2 Dr's visits it was always just Tonsillitis so yay for not needing antibiotics (I hate them) but it was a rough week, especially trying to plan a bridal shower...I am so happy I have my happy boy back, it's rough when he's sick. I think he will be like me and always get sore throats so that is no fun!
The next pic shows what a stinker he is, unlike Logan my pleaser boy, Gavin will look right at me and be naughty. He likes to push the water lever down so water gushes all over the floor. The water tank is currently in the garage until we outgrow this phase(I also want to paint it white but haven't had a chance)
The last pic makes me win mommy of the year! He is into EVERYTHING so obviously we are noew keeping the bathroom doors shut at all times which is hard to remember but very imprtant. Ew not to mention scary!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Go Cards!

I know, I know....It has been a month since I have written anything and the 1st thing I write about is that we are going to the Superbowl! Well in my house, this is the best thing to have ever happened in Jason's life (besides me and the kids of course, hope so anyway!) He has been a Cardinals fan since they moved here and especially since I have known him. Every game he would watch in frustration at them always losing, get ticked off, turn off the TV and then torture himself again 5 mins later by turning it back on. So FINALLY, we are good and he is Super excited which makes me happy for him and them and everyone who is a Bandwagon fan like me...

It's been busy in our house, but that is a blessing since most people are having a hard time with work, i won't complain that I have too many hours. I love my job and the kids get daddy time so it's been nice, but now for the rest of January I have a break so I am looking forward to more family time and scrapbook time :) I had a blast with you Tiffany on Friday,,,you other two...ahem Delanie and Tasha you have some explaining to do, you can make it up to me when Tiffany has that little girl and she is stuck to the boob to much to come with us! K?

I am boring and cant think of anything else to say except that Gavin finally has a decent bedtime so I finally have quiet time and I am going to go utilize it.Tata for now :-)