Monday, August 31, 2009

San Francisco

Well! I know I am the worst blogger ever so I decided to give it another try! I just feel like my posts are boring since my life is boring, but I will try to appear cool for all of your reading purposes!

Jason and I do have something exciting to talk about, we went on a getaway to San Fran this past weekend! We hadn't gone anywhere just the two of us since before Gavin was born so I decided it was time! (especially since it took me 15 months to quit breastfeeding!!!!)

We had a great time and the kids didn't miss us a bit. My mother-in-law watched them at our house Wed and Thurs and then my parents took them Thurs night to their house. After my mom got off work on Fri they went camping and the boys had a blast!

Here are a few pics of our trip, there are more on facebook!