Monday, January 19, 2009

Go Cards!

I know, I know....It has been a month since I have written anything and the 1st thing I write about is that we are going to the Superbowl! Well in my house, this is the best thing to have ever happened in Jason's life (besides me and the kids of course, hope so anyway!) He has been a Cardinals fan since they moved here and especially since I have known him. Every game he would watch in frustration at them always losing, get ticked off, turn off the TV and then torture himself again 5 mins later by turning it back on. So FINALLY, we are good and he is Super excited which makes me happy for him and them and everyone who is a Bandwagon fan like me...

It's been busy in our house, but that is a blessing since most people are having a hard time with work, i won't complain that I have too many hours. I love my job and the kids get daddy time so it's been nice, but now for the rest of January I have a break so I am looking forward to more family time and scrapbook time :) I had a blast with you Tiffany on Friday,,,you other two...ahem Delanie and Tasha you have some explaining to do, you can make it up to me when Tiffany has that little girl and she is stuck to the boob to much to come with us! K?

I am boring and cant think of anything else to say except that Gavin finally has a decent bedtime so I finally have quiet time and I am going to go utilize it.Tata for now :-)