Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shoppin Fun

Today I met my parents for lunch at the Farmhouse Restaurant in Gilbert and seriously had the best omelet EVER (except for Jason's of course)! I honestly almost HATE eating out because I normally don't think eating out is very good but this omelet makes me want to go everyday!
After lunch(yes I had an omelet for lunch but it was 1130 and I never ate bfast...) my sweet amazing dad took the kids to my parents' house and my mom and I went shopping. This is very exciting for me because growing up my poor mom always struggled with her weight and was never into clothes. Well, I am here to say she has lost 110 lbs and looks AMAZING! Now, we can go shop and actually bought the same shirt today in two very close to each other sizes!

Hence my story: before my SIL wedding my mom who is very frugal treated herself to a 45 dollar top at Ann Taylor Loft. Well of course she decided to wait til she "reaches her goal" to lose 15 more lbs and so we went back today so she could return it. Well she returned it all right and the lady never told her it had gone down to $14.99! Soooo, I turned right around and bought it for her again (she was too chicken to go back to the register) and I bought the same one. It's so cure, If I wasnt being lazy I would download it and show you.

Anyway, I have not been blogging since the camera I thought was working actually really did break, and its no fun to blog w no pics, so I JUST bought another and when I figure out how to download them I will start posting pics of my poor pic deprived children! tee hee

I had an awesome day with my mom and am so thankful my dad is so great with my kiddies, Jason went fishing with his dad today so it was nice to break up the day since he is doing a stand in tomorrow and then he works Monday. Phhhtttt.