Friday, December 12, 2008

My babe is 10 months today!

Today Gavin is 10 months and part of me thinks it went so fast and another feels like he's been here forever. I think shoulder surgery in the mix and me not able to hold him for two months made it go fast and slow in certain parts (glad that's over).
It's so funny how very different the two boys are...Gavin is so laid back and content. The only time he is upset is when he wants love and to be held (which lately has been alot :) He has such a sweet spirit and is so stoic, he just quietly takes life in. Now if I can just get him to eat food and not the boob milk all day...that's gonna be quite the feat. Jason and I joke that for his 1st bday we will have to make him a cake that looks like a boob or he won't want anything to do with it. HAHA
I love you Gavin, sweet boy!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Finally some family pics!!!

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How funny! I didnt realize this posted, oops! I started to post some pics and one of the kids needed me (shocker) so I never got to finish! We had some pics (228 to be exact) done by my dad's friend the other day and I was very happy with how they turned out. The place wasn't what we were hoping for...he got kicked out of the gorgeous place we were supposed to go! (more on that later since I can't be late for yoga!) Anyway here are a few pics and I will TRY to post more later but since I work at 1 I doubt it will happen. Miss everyone!