Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Odds and Ends

It has been busy for me planning my SIL's wedding shower, it was this last Sat and I think it was a huge hit! I threw her a Pampered Chef shower, (love the stuff best quality out there!) and she ended up getting everything on her list! Granted she has been on her own so she already had some stuff but I was excited for her. I would post pictures but at the time of the shower I thought my poor camera was broken...
Another story: A couple weeks ago I was going in to work for a Radiology meeting at the Hospital and I threw my FULL water bottle in my purse...well next thing I knew I had water pouring out of my canvas purse all over me. I went in the bathroom and had a huge puddle of water with my lovely camera right there in the middle. I will admit I don't take the best care of my camera but lo and behold it has been good to me because I tried it out tonight before I started researching them online to buy a new one (which I was not excited about spending money on) and it worked! YAY for me, so here are a few pics that were in there. I have some of Gavin I am trying to catch up with him not having as many as his big bro...The 2nd and third pic are of him watching Signing Time yay for that, he loves it and I can get stuff done. He was super sick last week with a fever of 104 that I couldn't get to break. After 2 Dr's visits it was always just Tonsillitis so yay for not needing antibiotics (I hate them) but it was a rough week, especially trying to plan a bridal shower...I am so happy I have my happy boy back, it's rough when he's sick. I think he will be like me and always get sore throats so that is no fun!
The next pic shows what a stinker he is, unlike Logan my pleaser boy, Gavin will look right at me and be naughty. He likes to push the water lever down so water gushes all over the floor. The water tank is currently in the garage until we outgrow this phase(I also want to paint it white but haven't had a chance)
The last pic makes me win mommy of the year! He is into EVERYTHING so obviously we are noew keeping the bathroom doors shut at all times which is hard to remember but very imprtant. Ew not to mention scary!