Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our latest on the house!

So we signed papers in September for the house we will be having built in Gilbert. They finally broke ground last week after a little hiccup (not one that we cared about, it was some silly zoning issue, whatev) Sooo, the kids and I have been driving by to watch the progress. I am excited for them to get to see their new home be built from the ground up. Last time J and I had a house built I was prego with Logan :) I wanted to post a pic but that was back in the day before we had this computer so I don't have it stored on here.

So here is the house last Friday...

And then we went again this week and it was being framed! The kids loved watching the guys "put the house together" and we had a blast playing at the park, meeting the neighbors and playing in our new "yard".

Oh and I am so stoked with this new beauty I just had to post it! This is going to be my "new" (if you consider rotting wood "new" that is) coffee table for the living room. I have BIG plans for that room and can't wait to get started!!

Here we go again!

Well sad but true, it has been 2 years since I have done the "blogging" thing. At the time when I would try to blog it began to feel more like homework and I didn't have the desire to sit down and just write. As a mother, I am huge on the whole "scrapbooking" thing so scrapbooking is how I document those memories and create a time capsule of my kids as they grow.

Jason and I have our tenth anniversary this year!!! (can't believe I'm old enough to be married ten years, although we were babies when we got married!)  Our entire marriage has been blessed with beautiful homes that I have thoroughly enjoyed and felt inadequate to be so blessed to have them, but this year something clicked inside of us both that said, "What are we doing?" "Is this the life we feel that God wants us to lead?" And the answer for us was a very clear "NO!" We have always lived "far out" or in BFE as everyone describes it. In the past we always felt like the value of the home was more important than driving in to everything. We wanted "more bang for your buck" I guess you could say. But this year, everything changed and we didn't want the "huge, gorgeous house in the middle of nowehere" anymore.
Jason and I like to think of ourselves as fairly simple people. It doesn't take much to make us tick and we have never had the desire for ritzy things. So, why we have a 3700 sf house with a $500 a month SRP bill is beyond me, and that's why we are going to change!!
And of course, being 40 mins away from our parents and friends is the driving force for this decision, and when God has a plan, it happens with no effort and no worry, which is exactly what we are being blessed with right now.
We rented our house within one hour of posting it on Craigslist (which is another strange story meant for another day...) We found a home we can make our own (IN TOWN!! and in our price range!!) Which has never been the case when we had looked prior to this!
Anyhoo, long story long WE ARE MOVING and I couldn't be happier to see what this next chapter brings!

I have such a passion for junk and decorating, DIY, anything that comes to making a space suit my family and so I have decided to document our journey along the way. Most of the time, the ideas in my head do not transpire the way I want them to in real life. But I am willing to give it a shot and learn along the way :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ok since Im back heres some cute pics

Gavin was trying so hard to pick up that pumpkin, it was quite funny and I was sad for him that he couldn't do it even though he was so determined. Cute hat but I didnt buy it cause he ripped it right off.
Halloween pics, our little Alligator and super hero had a successful year trick-or-treating :) Poor Logan look crazy weird in his pic, couldnt tell til I posted it. Oh and I posted our family pics on the next post so check it out. Tiffany you will be so proud of me :)

Family Pics

This year family pics didn't go as well as I had planned since we had to wake Gavin up from his nap to make it on time, he made us pay through the whole session by whining. :) Luckily, we have a great photographer so he managed to trick Gavin into some cute poses :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Single Parent :)

Well here I am, another year has gone by and it is once again time for Jason to go hunting! :) Seems like it is always that time for some reason, haha. I am honestly enjoying the solitude and being on my own schedule with the kids. If I didn't work last night I might be a little more peppy but overall I think I am doing pretty dang well. Especially since every year, whomever Jason hunts with, their wives call every 5 minutes and the guys end up going home early. Not me! Just another reason for Jason to appreciate me and my independence, lol.
Anyone want a play date? Gimme a hollar!
Can't wait to make up for his 1 1/2 weeks hunting with lots of scrapbook time!

Monday, August 31, 2009

San Francisco

Well! I know I am the worst blogger ever so I decided to give it another try! I just feel like my posts are boring since my life is boring, but I will try to appear cool for all of your reading purposes!

Jason and I do have something exciting to talk about, we went on a getaway to San Fran this past weekend! We hadn't gone anywhere just the two of us since before Gavin was born so I decided it was time! (especially since it took me 15 months to quit breastfeeding!!!!)

We had a great time and the kids didn't miss us a bit. My mother-in-law watched them at our house Wed and Thurs and then my parents took them Thurs night to their house. After my mom got off work on Fri they went camping and the boys had a blast!

Here are a few pics of our trip, there are more on facebook!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Silly things

I am terrible about documenting funny things Logan says but today I will! I bought Logan the Real Fruit popsicles and he was enjoying one this afternoon but it was too cold so he wanted me to microwave it. I would love to think like a 3 yr old some days, but then we would have lots of runny messes wouldnt we?