Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy Bee or OCD?

Well, I have been quite busy lately...when I get something in my head that needs to be done, I can't stop til it's done! I have had the idea lately to start getting Logan out of his crib. First off, he has never climbed out (well he FELL out once and has never done it since) but the poor lad is starting to run out of room. Especially since he has to sleep with 500 "friends", his fave book of choice and a blanket. Dear Mercy me...
anywoo, the past couple weeks I have been on craigslist, ebay and every bedding site under the sun to decide what I wanted to do to make his "big boy room" something he would love for years to come....(drum roll please...)
I found the bed set on craigslist, practically new since it was just their guest bedroom and although I am really creeped out usually by used mattresses, this one is virtually brand new, (not gross, and very comfy)! Besides after Jason and I went "new" mattress shopping and saw how muy expensive mattresses are we thought...when he's older we'll get him a superb one that he can take with him when he's outta here someday!
So, the bedset was pine, I painted it til midnight for two days (thank God for the recent beautiful weather) and I am very happy with how it turned out!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun in the pool!

So Happy 4th of July everyone! Yesterday we went to my in-laws and went swimming for the first time this summer! How sad my kids have seriously been deprived. With a gimpy arm there has been NO WAY I could handle two kids in the pool so we hadn't gone yet. We put Gavin in the pool for a little while, he looked so cute in his suit! I love it when they are so little that you can put nerdy hats on them and they have to comply...tee heee.
Logan was so fun swimming, we worked with him on kicking and blowing bubbles and he did really well. He even went underwater, (hated it but didn't cry)...Logan is like me in that he HATES getting his face wet, he and I are such wimps.
Last night we had our neighbors over for a "grill out". According to my Ohio neighbor, it isn't a BBQ (ahem, Tiffany...) it's a grill out since it says grill on the outside apparently. Whatever I say, as long as there is yummy food I will be there!

Okay so poor Logan looks slightly dorky with his hat, was HOT and my kids are TERRIBLY WHITE. Those two together makes me a nerdy mom whose kid swims in a shirt and a nerdy hat! Maybe someday he'll thank me when they don't have skin cancer. :-)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here I am!

Hey fellow blogging friends! I am finally jumping on the bandwagon of blogging (again)! I think it's such a fun way to keep in touch and write down those cute memories of our kids that we would otherwise forget! It's always the little things that make us look back and have fond memories right? So here I am, I am trying to make a cute page so I may be calling one of you to see how it all works...Creative or somewhat creative blog to follow...hehe