Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our latest on the house!

So we signed papers in September for the house we will be having built in Gilbert. They finally broke ground last week after a little hiccup (not one that we cared about, it was some silly zoning issue, whatev) Sooo, the kids and I have been driving by to watch the progress. I am excited for them to get to see their new home be built from the ground up. Last time J and I had a house built I was prego with Logan :) I wanted to post a pic but that was back in the day before we had this computer so I don't have it stored on here.

So here is the house last Friday...

And then we went again this week and it was being framed! The kids loved watching the guys "put the house together" and we had a blast playing at the park, meeting the neighbors and playing in our new "yard".

Oh and I am so stoked with this new beauty I just had to post it! This is going to be my "new" (if you consider rotting wood "new" that is) coffee table for the living room. I have BIG plans for that room and can't wait to get started!!

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